This is some interesting news. Sadly Google isn’t known for selling hardware, so their support and communication seems to be a bit lacking. Everyone who pre-ordered the brand new impressive Nexus 7 quad-core Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet still doesn’t know when it will actually arrive. Today however it appears some pre-orders are “prepared for shipment” or have actually shipped — just not from Google.

Several retailers in the UK will only be carrying the 16GB $249 flavor of the Nexus 7, and according to SlashGear might be ready, or have already shipped some. UK retailer Ebuyer received their stock quite early based on reports from some anonymous tips, and one Google+ user reported his pre-order had been updated to “being prepared for shipment.”

Earlier this morning Ebuyer’s site listed the device in stock, but it was quickly sold out and now is back to pre-order status only. We aren’t sure if this is all a misunderstanding or Google still holding the reigns on retailers — but they better tell everyone who pre-ordered something here shortly. The 8GB version will only be available via the Google Play Store, and the multiple etailers and retailers in the UK will all have 16GB stock. We are hearing reports of July 19th being the shipping date too, but until Google confirms anything it’s still up in the air. Be sure to stay tuned and let us know in the comments or the TIP US line if your order ships or changes.

Update: We’ve had multiple tips come in this afternoon claiming Ebuyer has processed users orders (as in taken their money,) and shipped the Nexus 7. Obviously we can’t confirm it at this time, but a few tips are claiming their tablets will arrive tomorrow with overnight shipping. What’s going on Google?

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