While Google’s Nexus 4 is still missing in action on the Google Play Store, the Nexus 7 has appeared back in stock only this time with T-Mobile along for the ride. Previously Google was only selling their Nexus 7 + Mobile with an AT&T sim card, but today they’ve added T-Mobile to their list. This means you’ll be able to enjoy those T-Mobile HSPA+ 42 network speeds while on the go with your tablet.

This isn’t really all that important as the AT&T model was unlocked and still worked with T-Mobile, it just shipped with an AT&T sim ready to go. There wasn’t any mention of T-Mobile to be found. Now however as you see above, and below, when you head to the Google Play Store there is an option specifically for the T-Mobile version of the slate.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.11.16 PM

Essentially you’ll be getting the same 3G and HSPA+ enabled Nexus 7 with everything we already know and love, only with a little magenta T-Mobile speeds. The same HD display, Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and 32GB of storage will be included. Now basically Google’s saving you the time you’d have to take to run down to the nearest T-Mobile retail store to get a SIM card.

While this isn’t all that important it does save us some time as well as buying a new SIM from T-Mobile, so that’s a plus. We’re still wondering when good ol Google is going to add more of their Nexus 4 to the Play Store, as I’m sure many of you would love to buy that. Check out those HSPA+ speeds the minute your tablet arrives on your doorstep. Enjoy folks!

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[via Droid-Life]


  1. curious as to what the difference is, it appears that the at&t and t-mobile version both support the same frequencies so each one should work fine on the others network

  2. It seems like that T-mobile is willing to take advantage of Google reference devices’ popularity. It is just free T-mobile SIM card. Most of Google reference devices are outperforming against its competitors.


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