If you’re the type that love to see the insides of your device yet don’t dare do the deed yourself, iFixit has you covered. In their usual fashion they’ve cracked open the brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet to reveal everything under the hood. Showing us that this clean design also has clean innards — and a huge battery. More pictures provided below.

The Nexus 7 is filled with more than green Android goo and magic dust, it rocks a large battery, dual drivers for the speakers, and a decent 7-inch IPS panel for your viewing pleasure. In case the extremely depressing incident happens and you break your Nexus 7 (gasps) or you just enjoy toying around with everything you’ll want to head to iFixit.com to get started.

While ASUS went on the record saying it wasn’t easy to make this device so thin, yet powerful, and cheap it appears they managed to do an excellent job and scored a 7/10 rating from iFitit. Everything is rather simple under the hood and neatly put together with a decent amount of perfection. Find out more from their link above, as well as our review below.

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