Motorola has been on a smartphone roll of late, being the OEM of choice for Google’s Nexus 6, and receiving good reviews for their newer handsets, including the mid-range Moto E. The main problem has been availability though, as they usually run out of stock and people have to search far and wide (well, on their computers at least) if they want to get a unit, specifically for the Nexus 6. But now Motorola is widening their reach, with both confirmed and rumored news.

If you’ve been frustrated by the fact that the Google Play Store is always running out of stocks of the Nexus 6, now you can avail of the device on Amazon. Hopefully, they will have enough stocks to satisfy those wanting to have the 6-inch Quad HD smartphone as their new best friend. However, there are no discounts if you choose to buy it from the online retail giant, and it will have the same price as when you avail of it elsewhere (if you can find it).


Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that the mid-range Moto E will soon be available through Verizon. An image of the device with the carrier’s logo was leaked by a guy named “Terd Ferguson”, so we don’t know how reliable that is. If the picture (and user) is also to be believed, this version will have LTE, as compared to the original
handset which only has 3G.


What has been confirmed is that the 2nd gen Moto E is now available through Best Buy for $99.99. Meanwhile, the other confirmed news is that the Nexus 6 is available in Amazon for $649.99. This is the unlocked 32GB edition of the smartphone, which comes in Midnight Blue or Cloud White.

SOURCE: Amazon

VIA: SlashGear