Earlier today, we saw leaked info regarding the Nexus 5 being made available to some European markets. As the Nexus launch event draws near, it seems more and more sites are leaking the availability for their geography. Mobile Syrup has found some info about the Nexus 5 for Canada, but the ultimate question still goes unanswered.

This one hits a bit closer to home, though. WIND Mobile has leaked their pre-registration page for the Nexus 5, which appears to confirm specs for Google’s new flagship device. It also appears to confirm the previous Google language of the device being “for what matters”.

According to WIND, the Snapdragon 800 is on board, as well as that 4.95-inch 1920 x 1080 display, which has 445 ppi and Gorilla Glass 3. The 16GB or 32GB options are there, as well as all the WiFi and ports listed. Of course, it runs Android 4.4, too. You’re shocked, we know.

Keep in mind that these specs are what we’ve already learned, so it could just be a placeholder page for final confirmation on specs. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t have anything to say about battery size, and we’ve heard there could be two offerings.

This was all leaked via Facebook, and the posting has since been taken down. We’ve also found a leaked image on Reddit, which allegedly shows the treasure trove where LG houses the Canadian stockpile of Nexus 5s. According to the tipster, this warehouse holds 30,000 Nexus 5 devices, just for Canada. Now we just have to, you know, get the official launch details.