The Nexus 5 will ask you to wait a month or so for shipping when ordered form the Play Store. If you’re in Canada, though, you have options. Starting today, the new Nexus flagship will be available at six different carriers, with some attractive pricing options.

Those six carriers — Bell, Telus, Rogers, Videotron, Fido, and Virgin — all have the Nexus 5 subsidized. Starting from C$49.99 and staggering upward to C$199.99 for two year agreements (or C$499.99 off contract), it might just be the best option for those eager to get their hands on the Nexus 5. The Canadian Play Store, like the US Play Store, is backlogged until later this month.

Since launch, the device has been mired with polarizing reviews. The camera is hit-and-miss, with some users also reporting battery life issues. There is chatter or screen issues as well, with Google promising fixes coming soon for some of those issues. Of course, it’s still almost half what you’d pay for an OEM device with the same hardware, so there’s always that bottom-line concession to make.

That C$49.99 contracted price is at Videotron, and must be paired with a C$69.99 or higher monthly plan. Telus, Rogers, Bell and Virgin will each sell you the device for $99.99 on contract, while Fido doesn’t waver: $200 with a two year agreement. We can wrap our head around the C$99.99 pricing, but C$200 just seems a bit much.