The 8AM PST time witching hour has come and gone. For now, it looks like the Nexus 5 quietly launching in the Play Store on Halloween was more trick than treat, but that isn’t to say the coverage will be stopping. In fact, it looks like a new round of Nexus 5 images have arrived. Not to mention, a nearly 7-minute video showing some Nexus 5 hands-on coverage.

The image sitting above was the recently leaked press render. So with that, this latest round of images have been posted on the /r/Android Reddit page by throwawaynexus5guy. The three image gallery siting below has a few shots of the back and also another of the box. There isn’t anything new revealed with these images, however as we have been saying — they simply provide further confirmation of the earlier leaks. Basically, Google announcing the Nexus 5 and officially confirming the specs and pricing is all that is needed at this point.

Along with the exterior shots, there was one of the screen in action. Specifically, one showing the handset downloading an update. There were also some screenshots of Kit Kat. A few of those pics can be seen below. And otherwise, it looks like the posting on Reddit may still be updated through the day.

Shifting over to the video (found via TechnoBuffalo) and we are getting a rather lengthy look at the handset. The video offers a look at the phone from all angles and even dives deep into the software. With that having been said, while the video is showing a recent published date on YouTube, there is some question as to how old the video is. Or more specifically, how long the person has had this particular unit — the software refers to Key Lime Pie as opposed to Kit Kat.

Bottom line here, it is now well past the rumored 8AM PST launch time. Or in other words, it looks like we are back to following the rumors and leaks for the foreseeable future.