The fervor surrounding the Nexus 5 is fierce. As we anticipate the release of the next Google smartphone, we’re also prepared for the Play Store to be absolutely crushed by the traffic it sees. One eBay-er is confident they can get through the checkout process, and with a multitude of devices.

An eBay listing for the Nexus 5 has popped up, and will allow you to “Buy It Now” — for $650. For well above the starting price of $349 (the listing is for the 32GB variety, which we assume will be $399), you can make sure you get your order in for the Nexus 5. Of course, this is all very suspect.

While the markup isn’t anywhere near the $1,000 we’d seen the Nexus 4 at last year after launch, it’s still a hefty price for the Nexus 5. Then again, that price is fair market value for an unlocked, off-contract device — we’re just spoiled with the Nexus pricing strategy.

The other issue is availability. Though the eBay listing is a “Buy It Now”, that’s not to say this person can even get their hands on the device, much less that many. Currently, the item has five available, but if last year is any indication, many users had their Play Store carts emptied for no apparent reason. The servers couldn’t handle the load, and it all went haywire.

There are also a lot of very strange “reviews” which don’t seem to correlate to anything other than speculation the device will be great. So, we have a listing for devices via a source many had issues getting last year, a huge markup, and reviews for something nobody has. Whatever is going on here, one thing is certain: it’s Nexus season.