The bleeding edge is a tough place to be, sometimes. Equally frustrating can be lagging behind, and the new Google Launcher makes it hard for those without a Nexus 5. The quick access to Google’s even promising Google Now service makes the launcher highly sought after, and desired by many Android enthusiasts.

According to The Verge, Google isn’t planning to roll that exciting new launcher out to other devices any time soon. Google is planning to keep that launcher exclusive to the Nexus 5 for the foreseeable future, as a testing ground of sorts. Google wants to gauge reaction, and see how Nexus 5 adopters like the new look of Android.

In their report, The Verge hints that the Nexus 4 would be the likely next candidate for the launcher, which could then be launched on the Play Store as a standalone app. Matias Duarte notes the launcher is “the single most exciting thing for a Nexus 5”, so we hope to see it come to other Nexus devices in short order.

Then again, Google’s rollout of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 has been rife with discourse. The Galaxy Nexus was dropped altogether by Google, with conflicting reports as to why. Though Android 4.4 is now live, and many Nexus 5’s have shipped, it hasn’t begun rolling out to other Nexus devices yet. HTC has confirmed their timeline for the Google Play Edition receiving a KitKat update, but Google has been less than forthcoming with news. For a version of Android set to bridge the hardware gaps present in Android, we’d like to see both the latest iteration and launcher available soon.