Sometimes, getting the latest, though not always the greatest, does have its price, a lesson that some Nexus 4 users are now learning. Google announced Android 4.3 last month and its eventual availability for Nexus devices, and indeed the upgrades did arrive as promised. But Nexus 4 users are discovering that upgrading to the latest iteration of Android might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Reports are coming in from Google’s forums about various issues across the board. Some are annoyances like slower performance, missing apps, or reception problems. Others are functional problems like missing multi-touch functionality or disappearing content. Some have also reported overheating when using the upgraded handset.

But these are the issues that plague only those who are able to actually get into their phones. There are more serious reports of being locked out of their phones because it isn’t possible to enter their pass phrase. But even worse, there some who can’t even get their units to boot properly, being stuck in an endless loop at the Google and boot splash screens.

Not everyone have had problems with their upgrade and the process has been smooth for some. Those who did experience issues will be able to do a factory reset to get their phones working again. Still, the amount of users reporting such major problems and Google’s silence on the issue is worrying, leaving users no proper way to fix the issue. For now, it would be best to hold off from upgrading. And always do a backup before performing an upgrade.

VIA: SlashGear, Phones Review