It looks like those carrying a Nexus 4 will soon be getting a new software update. This one has been detailed by T-Mobile and looks like it will be arriving as software version JWR66Y. Take note of that trailing Y though because the rest of the software version number looks rather similar to the previous version — JWR66V.

The JWR66V update was the one that brought Android 4.3. This latest update isn’t quite as exciting however it is one that we suspect Nexus 4 users will be happy to get. The update is security related. In fact, that is just about all that is coming with software version JWR66Y.

The T-Mobile changelog notes the improvements as being “security” related and that is all. That aside, the update is available as of today and looks to be rather small in size — just 1.8MB. As we often see coming from T-Mobile, they make sure to point out that you should have an un-rooted device with at least 50 percent battery life before beginning the update process.

Bottom line here, this is a small update that likely just brings a few fixes. Of course, we are thankful that T-Mobile posted these details if for no other reason than it will keep users from speculating and wondering about what was included. Those with a Nexus 4 in hand can navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About device -> Software update to get the process started.

SOURCE: T-Mobile