The Nexus 4 went on sale in Europe and Australia, and it sold out in a matter of minutes, and left customers rather angry. Buyers had a hard time resisting the incredible unsubsidized price of the device, and thus, they came out in droves to grab one. Google, apparently, could not keep up with the demand for the device, and ran out quickly. This, of course, led to the site spitting out all kinds of errors, which led to some frustrated potential buyers.

The store was apparently having all kinds of issues. In some cases, the issues came from the shopping cart, where a user would add the device, and by the time they got to the checkout stage, the device would not be there anymore. By the time many would-be buyers got the website to work, Google’s stock was depleted and the device was no longer available.

In the UK, both the 8GB and 16GB version of the phone are listed as “Notify Me” rather than offering the ability to purchase a phone. All three version of the Nexus 7 are in stock, and the website seems to working to order those. Nexus 10 tablets are still in stock in the 16GB version, but the 32GB version is sold out.

Clearly, selling out is good for Google, but we are not sure just how big of a success it actually is. We know they sold out incredibly fast, so there is clearly some demand for the device, but we do not know how many devices Goole actually made available for the initial launch. Google may have ended up with more angry potential buyers than people who actually ended up with a device in their possession.

[via SlashGear]