If you have the Android 4.4 update for your Nexus 4, and are experiencing issues, you’re not alone. Some users are reporting that the Home button isn’t working properly, and the Settings toggle is also acting up. Even worse, there seems to be a broken dialer, too, rendering the device dangerously useless in some circumstances.

This doesn’t affect all devices, or updates, but it’s happening. While the above issues have yet to make an appearance in the Nexus forums, we found some other issues reported like a faulty microphone. The microphone issue has been noticed during search, video capture, and calls.

There are also a myriad of other issues being reported, like the camera not working. Android Police believes this stems from the OTA update from the latest version of Jellybean to KitKat, though we haven’t realized those issues with our Nexus 4. They’re reporting that the update from factory images that was posted last week is unaffected, though it’s not clear what leads them to that conclusion.

The fix? Total Recall. Doing a complete factory reset is the only way to effectively get things back on track, but that’s pretty inconvenient. While the tech-centric folks out there will have no issue with that, some who are less than savvy will have major issues, and may not be aware of how or what to do. Of course, we would wait for a patch from Google, but if the dialer is unusable, it’s best to simply hit Settings>Backup and reset>Factory data reset. Make sure your pics and other locally stored files are backed up to cloud storage or another method if you choose that, though.