Man, it is not my favorite thing to do to be posting a rumor like this, especially when it can be construed to mean basically anything. Apparently when “asked about the Nexus 3” by Taylor from AndroidandMe, Andy Rubin noted the following: “The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there’s always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we’ll make an announcement at some point in the future.” Wouldn’t the man say the same thing if you asked him whether or not future versions of Android would be coming out?

In other news, Ice Cream Sandwich was announced and given essentially no details whatsoever during the first keynote speech of the conference – on the other hand, we did get to see the excellent logo mark they’ve chosen to represent the update which will be being released somewhere around quarter 3 of 2011. Another bit of info we’ve gotten from the events today is that Vic Gundotra likes Samsung, he likes it a lot:

“I just can’t believe how light it is. It feels gorgeous. I’m a big fan of Samsung, I think Samsung does some of the most amazing industrial design. To see that betting so big on Android… they make such gorgeous devices. It’s what we always dreamed of.”

This tidbit came whilst Vic was unboxing his own Galaxy Tab 10.1 right after the first keynote and we CAUGHT him in the act! Have a look at the video back in [this post] and see how gleeful Vic can be!

[via AndroidandMe]