Google has officially launched a cover for the Nexus 10. The cover is described as being a ‘Book Cover’ and attaches directly to your tablet. In other words, this Nexus 10 cover is nothing more than a screen protector. That being said, it is a screen protector that will fit perfectly on your tablet and also one that will turn the tablet on and off as you open and close the cover.

The Nexus 10 cover is available in two colors — Dark Grey or Scarlet. The cover is priced at $29.99 and noted as being in stock and ready to be delivered in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Of course, in addition to the $29.99 price tag, those making the purchase will also need to shell out for tax and shipping.

Otherwise, these Nexus 10 covers, given how they attach to your tablet, will keep the slim profile. The corners are rounded and the cover has a matte finish. Basically, these are designed to protect the screen while at the same time having it add as little extra bulk and weight as possible. On that note, the case is shown as having a weight of 68 grams.

All said and done, while official case options are generally nice, we cannot help but think an equally nice case can be found for less money. The other curious part here, the release of these cases seem to imply that the current Nexus 10 will be sticking around come Google I/O. Or at the very least, that if a new Nexus 10 is introduced, it will keep the same dimensions.

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