If we asked you what was the 5th largest tablet supplier in the US, would any of you answer E FUN? Probably not, but apparently it is. And now they’re making their foray into the hybrid market with their first Android 2-in-1 laptop tablet, the Nextbook Ares 11. While it may not be the high-powered gadget that you’ve always dreamed of, at least it strives to bring you value for money with its features and functions.

The Nextbook Ares 11 is somewhere in between: it’s bigger than a tablet, but smaller than a laptop, with its 11.6-inch tablet with a detachable keyboard. It runs on a Quad-Core Intel® AtomTM Z3735F Processor (X86, 1.8GHz) and it already comes with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop (which is better than a lot of more high-end devices that have yet to receive that update). The detachable keyboard is backlit and comes with two standard USB ports while the touch screen is 1366 x 768 IPS capacitive.

It has just 1GB memory and 64GB internal storage, with the microSD slot capable of supporting up to another 64GB. So this is not something that you can use to install heavy programs or lots of games and multi-media. But it would be perfect for students looking for a simple machine to use for school or casual users that just need word processing or web surfing basic features. You can also watch movies or TV shows through streaming services like VUDU or Flixster, or reading ebooks (the Nook app is preloaded already).

Of course the best part about is that it is just $197 (with some high-end smartphones costing higher than that). You will be able to buy the Nextbook Ares 11 at Walmart stores and online at walmart.com.