Are there too many smartphone brands in the market? Yes. Is there room for another new kid on the block? Apparently yes. Will they succeed in making even a small dent in the market or even just consumer awareness? That remains to be seen or as they say, TBD. But NextBit is banking on the fact that they have former Google and HTC vets running the company, and now that they’re set to launch their first smartphone this September, they are excited to show everyone what they’ve got.

NextBit has been around for sometime now, but they’re known more as a software startup that created Baton, a cloud-based tool that can let you move files between Android devices. But now, they are prepping to launch their first ever smartphone, and chief executive Tom Moss is extremely excited because it will be “friggin’ awesome”. And consumers may be excited too as the company is run by Moss and Mike Chan, who are both former Google execs and Android experts, and former HTC design chief Scott Croyle. They are also backed by Google Ventures, so they are relatively stable as well.

Now as to what we can expect from their first device, everything seems to be hush-hush at the moment. Moss admits that the market may be experiencing phone fatigue, so they’re “doing something different.” What they’re promising is that the smartphone they will offer and that you will buy will get better over time, instead of the usual practices of OEMs to release a new one when the current one becomes “obsolete”. They also revealed that it will do something about the problem we have with limited storage capacity through cloud storage.

We have less than a month to wait whether the product they will offer will live up to their promise. If it does, then other OEMs should watch out as NextBit might look like it will be here to stay. We’ll keep you updated on any more rumors or even leaks before the big day on September 1.



  1. Nothing particularly novel, nor, “disruptive” about cloud storage! Hope this is something other than yet another OnePlus clone or a rebadged, flashed never-before-imported Chinese unit sporting something other than a Qualcomm processor! Anyway, bad timing on their part! New Moto X Pure (“Style”) in September starting at $400 and existing second-gen Moto X’s now start at $300. And, yeah. New OnePlus soon (I’m unenthusiastic about being forced to spam friends to get the original. I refused to do that then; will refuse again!)


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