In case you didn’t know, the Nextbit Robin is already out. It has started shipping last February although we have no idea how many people already received their orders. We know that those who pre-ordered from Verizon were disappointed because Nextbit cancelled the CDMA version of the cloud first phone. The smartphone isn’t just a concept. It’s a real working phone as DxOMark was already able to test the phone and compare it with the latest models in the market.

The Nexbit Robin received a Mobile Score of 81. It’s currently on number 7 beating the old Samsung Galaxy S5, Xperia M5, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2. We didn’t expect it to get to the top five but at least it was able to surpass the scores of the previous flagship phones that impressed us a few years ago.

The smartphone is equipped with a 13MP camera. We don’t know the brand of the sensor or lens but according to DxOMark, the images show vivid and pleasant colors and with well-preserved details even if taken outdoors or in low-light conditions. Autofocus is also accurate and fast. Unfortunately, some images show visible noise in unfavorable exposure conditions. Some details are not clear in high dynamic scenes while white balance is sometimes not accurate in outdoor conditions.

When it comes to mobile video quality, the Nextbit Robin shows good stabilization especially in bright light situations, good autofocus behavior, as well as, good noise reduction under bright light. There are a few not so good qualities like loss of detail in low-light conditions, visible tremors and jitter artifacts, plus some oscillations with exposure adaptation.

Mobile Photo score is 81 while Mobile Video is 75. Taken into consideration are the exposure and contrast, color, autofocus, texture, noise, artifcasts, and stabilization.