Your Nextbit Robin phone will soon receive the latest version as the startup just rolled out the April update. This Android6.0.1 Marshmallow delivers this month’s security patch, the new emoji set, better battery management, enhanced camera app, and improved audio quality. We have no idea how many people already got their hands on the Nextbit Robin smartphone but be happy to know that you can now download the latest version of the mobile OS.

Nextbit also announced its special partnership with AIAIAI. The two companies have collaborated to work on and improve the audio performance of the phone coming from the built-in dual speakers and the headphone jack. The result is a pair of TMA-2 headphones that is perfect for the Robin.

You can get the Nexbit x AIAIAI TMA-2 for $225. That’s expensive for a pair of headphones but according to Nextbit, this custom set is very powerful with crisp treble, dynamic bass, and vibrant sound. It boasts of a durable low profile headband, over-ear PU leather earpads, and high-sensitivity neodymium speaker unit as described.

AIAIAI and Nextbit is also introducing a series of curated ringtones that are tailor-made to soothe the ears and offer cool sounds compared to the usual boring smartphone notifications. Several artists have been tapped by AIAIAI to offer their expertise and sounds to add to the lineup of ringtones. If you’re familiar with DJs Lauren Lo Sung (Patricia) and Giraffage (Breeze), you can find their tracks from the Nextbit community blog.

You can now order for a Nextbit Robin in the United States from Amazon. If you’re still not convinced that you should get a Robin phone, note that the design recently won a ‘Red Dot design award.

Order the AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones from Nextbit

SOURCE: Nextbit


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