Verizon Nextbit Robin phone hopefuls may be unlucky because Nextbit cancelled the model but the startup is still serious with the Robin cloud-first device. The Android-powered smartphone has been ready for shipping since February to early backers. If you have your Robin phone, you’d be happy to know that March and April updates are already lined up in the horizon.

Nextbit has released a minor software update for the Robin phone. It’s just a small bug fix for crashing of some apps like Uber. That’s the only change for this March but expect next month that more features and improvements will be seen. April is just around the corner which means another scheduled update will roll out although we don’t know exactly when.

The April update will deliver a number of performance improvements  and enhancements for the cloud phone. Nextbit worked on the thermal tuning so you’ll notice a better system performance. The Snapdragon chipset running the device is made more efficient so benchmark scores may also change in the coming weeks.

The camera will also be faster and after the updat,  the UI will be made cleaner and more streamlined. As for the audio quality, Nextbit is also working on the front-facing speakers by tuning the sound to the speakers’ and amps’ specs for a better listening experience.

The Marshmallow OS is also getting some updates. The emoji characters will be changed and new ones will be added. By next month, you can now use emojis with Unicode 7 and 8 in your Android phone.

SOURCE: Nextbit


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