Dual lens camera setups on smartphones are in vogue these days. Even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 – a phone which is supposed to be still a year away considering that the Samsung Galaxy S7 launched early this year – is getting caught up in this trend. Chinese leakers say that next year’s flagship phone by the Korean gadget giant will have dual cameras at the back.

This trend of dual camera setups is blowing up right now, even Apple – a company known for trendy but really conservative and streamlined design executions in its devices – is rumored to be putting two camera lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus. The launch of that particular device is just around the block, but Samsung is not exempt from these rumors. The Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship phone for next year is rumored to have dual cameras as well.

Rumors say that as per usual practice, Samsung will source cameras from both its own in-house models and also from Sony, the traditional supplier for high-end camera modules. One of the units is said to get a 12MP dual camera setup, while the other will have a 13MP dual camera setup. The Samsung camera module for this phone reportedly has the model number S5K2L2, while Sony’s is still unknown.

Will Samsung go for the dual camera? It’s basically a toss-up at this point. It’s too far in the process to know for sure what Samsung’s intentions are, but the rumor is not without foundation n current trends. So we will see by then.




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