Even if the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (or Note 7 or Note Edge) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ have yet to be announced, we’re already interested as to how the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be be better and different. It’s never too early to speculate or imagine about the next flagship because we can never be ready. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now believed to have a better display that can support VR viewing. The virtual reality experience may not be complete but we’re guessing the screen will be more optimized for VR.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be equipped with a 4K UHD display. That may be too high-tech for a mobile device but since we’re all pushing for VR, we might as well improve on the parts and the overall experience. This South Korean tech giant also noted that the 4K display will make the Galaxy S8 one of the first 4K-res smartphone in the market, following the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Samsung has always been generous when it comes to updating the screen displays since 2010 when the first Galaxy phone was introduced. Starting with the Galaxy S3 until the S7, Samsung utilized different displays from HD to Full HD to UHD to QHD. As for the next Galaxy S8, we’re hoping it will finally have the 4K quality even if screen is small.

The point of using a 4K screen is really for entertainment. It’s the best one to pair with the Samsung phone for a better and hopefully more exciting virtual reality experience.

VIA: The Korea Herald



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