Time is ticking away for the new Ticwatch. Mobvoi has recently teased a new wearable that is obviously a smartwatch. Only a few angles were shown off but we can very well say it is a round smartwatch. A TicWatch Pro was earlier teased and then said to have 4G LTE connection. It’s coming this July 10 as hinted in a video. It’s going to be ‘FAST’ and ‘POWERFUL’ and then make you ‘FEEL THE BOOST’. We just don’t know the specs and features but we’re expecting an improved version.

By improved version, we mean a 4G LTE connection. No 5G yet because we’ll have to wait for more 5G phones and 5G networks. Smartwatches first received WiFi and then NFC and then cellular connection. The 4G LTE connection can be added next so someday, you can probably just leave your phone at home because the TicWatch will be enough.

Sending SMS, making calls, and doing things you normally do on a phone can be done from a smartwatch. There will be limits but we’re looking at mobile Internet connection. You don’t even need Bluetooth or WiFi because the LTE will be fast enough.

‘Something new is coming’. It’s arriving in the US as the first smartwatch with ___ and ___. Fill in the blacks as per Mobvoi or visit Mobvoi ‘s site for more hints. Anticipate for July 10 as the device will be officially announced on the said date.

The video hints on a chamfered bezel as also noted earlier. Design-wise, it looks like the older TicWatch. It looks more robust and thick and ready for more rugged use.

Last year’s TicWatch Pro was priced at $250. The addition of 4G LTE capability may make the upcoming watch more expensive. But with the LTE, it won’t matter because fast mobile connectivity is already an important selling point.