One truth remains a hurdle for Android: it’s just not a great platform for enterprise. From a consumer perspective, Android is plenty secure. For enterprise, it needs help. With the next “major” version of Android (an “L” release), it seems those entities wanting a mobile platform they can better manage will be coming.

This information comes to us from, well, The Information. According to two of their sources, one who is involved with the latest version of Android and one “briefed” on the upcoming iteration, there will be additional security features cobbled in. This time, there will be the ability to partially wipe a device remotely. That way, if your device is lost or stolen, your company can effectively cover their bases and eliminate access to a VPN.

This is also useful if you change departments or leave your job. It also makes a BYOD program more attractive, as a partition of company data can be wiped clean if you’re no longer with an employer. Google is also said to be working with chipset manufacturers on various changes to assist with this vision.

Google may be asking chipset OEMs to let passwords be stored on their chips. There is also talk of stronger encryption, though no details are offered up just yet. Of course, it’s still early days for the next Android, and we’ve got no reliable timeframe for when we’ll get this “L” release.