For Newton Mail users that have gotten used to life without it and have moved on, have they got a surprise for you. Months after it shut down and was acquired by Essential, it is now back from the dead and is officially relaunched and re-available for both your mobile and desktop email needs. The announcement from CloudMagic, the company behind Newton Mail that was acquired, surprised everyone and they’re hoping that for former subscribers and potential new ones, it’s a pleasant kind of surprise.

Of course since it’s under new management, there have been some changes made to the app, although none of them significantly altering what Newton Mail is all about. For example, you can now delete a single email in a thread, in case that is insignificant already to what you’re discussing. There’s also now support for “mark unread from here” as well as improvements to the copy/paste feature.

You can also now integrate your Newton Mail to other apps like OmniFocus, Giphy, Things, 2doapp, and Bear. There are also some improvements made to the Mac version of the app. A lot of the details that were fixed were backend related and UX improvements that may be invisible to the untrained eye. You’ll still be able to enjoy previous features like Read Receipts, Recap, Send Later, Snooze, Tidy Inbox, etc.

The subscription cost for the app is still the same as the previous version so it means you’ll have to pay $49.99 per year. You get a 14-day free trial in case you want to try it out first. You can download Newton Mail from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: Newton Mail


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