Newton Mail has been renamed from CloudMagic almost two years ago and was released with several new features and enhancements. It then required a subscription but it has since allowed Alexa to read your inbox or messages. In August last year, Newton Mail added the Tidy Inbox to help the user sort through his email. We know such apps need regular updates. They need big ones to make the product more appealing to people. To be honest, we couldn’t think of any other major update but you know how those developers think.

Their imaginations are simply complex. That or they’re too analytical of the present technologies available. The Newton Mail app team recently introduced an update that may change the course of emailing. The Sent folder has been removed, as well as, other folders you don’t really need right away.

Newton earlier introduced Read Receipts and now it’s making the Inbox better by adding more modern features including conversations that can be sorted by activity. There’s the True Inbox that will offer more automatic features. Turn on Conversation View first so everything will work. Check Settings > General > Conversation View > True Inbox.

Download Newton Mail from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Newton


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