There are days when you have the urge to read and answer all your emails immediately as soon as your brain wakes up. But there are also days when you’re too tired or lazy or burned out or all of the above to have the energy to read your email, but you know you have to. If you use the Newton subscription-based mail app, you now have the option to let someone else do the dirty work for you. Well, kind of. The app now has support for Alexa, Amazon’s voice digital assistant.

Basically, this means that as soon as you install the Alexa app on your Android device (or if you have an Amazon Echo device), enable the Newton skill and link your account. Then you can start telling Alexa to do Newton-related skills for you. By simply saying, “Alexa, ask Newton if I’ve got mail,” you’ll find out if you do and then telling her yes or no when she asks if you want them read back to you.

After the email has been read, you can tell it to do several things like mark as read, delete, archive, mark as spam, snooze, etc. If you say “Nothing”, it will then go on to read the next email. While she’s reading the email, you can even interrupt by asking her to read it again or move on to the next or previous one or simply just stop reading. If your device buzzes and you’re pretty sure it’s an email, just ask Alexa to ask Newton who emailed you.

To be able to use this, you would need to have Newton on your smartphone or tablet already. And if you don’t yet and you would like to experience this, you can check out Newton first.

SOURCE: Newton


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