Those fast and quick charging technologies may soon be replaced. A new one that does the job at a much faster rate has just been developed by scientists from the University of Central Florida. A team from the NanoScience Technology Center was able to create flexible supercapacitors that can store energy and recharge to over 30,000 times. It’s not only fast. The process will not degrade easily so we have high quality and long-lasting battery that can be used for phones and electric vehicles in the future.

There are actually supercapacitors that could charge a device within a few seconds. No need to charge you phone everyday. You may even go for one whole week without recharging. Compared to lithium-ion battery, they will not degrade and they will be able to store more energy, thanks to nano technology.

The UCF team used supercapacitors that are filled with millions of nanometer-thick wires, also coated with with two-dimensional materials. The latter result to high energy and power densities. The idea of using 2D materials have been known to have potential but no one has become successful in integrating them. The process has also improved what they call cyclic stability that’s why you can charge-recharge it many times without failure.

Patent for this technology isn’t final yet but is now in process. Supercapacitors are also flexible so hopefully, we can find them in other gadgets and EVs, as well as, wearable devices.