If you’re in the process of buying a new device and one of your requirements is to have the best video viewing experience on streaming and video sharing sites, then YouTube has a list you can refer to (at least for their purposes). They have added three new smartphones from Huawei in their YouTube Signature Devices list: the Huawei P30, the Huawei P30 Pro, and the Honor View20. This now brings their list to a total of 32 smartphones where you can get the best highest “best-in-class YouTube experience” and content consumption.

YouTube has a very specific list of requirements for a smartphone to be able to be included in their signature devices. This includes support for high dynamic range, high frame rate, reliable DRM (digital rights management) performance, 4K decoding, next generation video codecs, and 360-degree viewing. The P30 and the P30 Pro have OLED displays while the Honor View 20 has an IPS LCD panel but all three are able to display HDR10 content.

The support for HDR videos is important as you will be able to see the details clearly due to the higher contrast on the display. It’s also important to have basic support for 360-degree viewing as users who have VR headsets can manage their viewing experience though on-screen controls or through the headsets themselves.

Support for decoding 4K videos will let YouTube show high-resolution videos while not consuming so much of the user’s bandwidth. Decoding next generation video codecs meanwhile helps reduce battery drainage while you’re watching those high-res videos. Devices are also required to have playback rate of higher than 60 frames per second. Digital Rights Management is also important to be able to play premium content over YouTube TV.

The YouTube Signature Devices list is a good reference if you’re looking for a new device and you want to justify spending a lot of money for your purchase. Well, that is if viewing videos on YouTube is of course important to you. It’s worth noting that the new Samsung flagship devices aren’t on the list yet but they will probably be added over the next few months.