Pause download. You do it often especially when internet becomes slow. Even if you have unlimited data, it’s not always a guarantee that download will continue because mobile connection isn’t always reliable. The best way is to pause and wait until you get a better connection. It is safer and more convenient and looks like it will become a standard soon.

Google is adding the ‘Pause download’ feature to the second developer preview of Android O. You will see it as a new button. It’s something we’ve seen before in the Chrome web browser. Ideally, downloads should be done continuously but at this point and especially in developing countries, Internet isn’t as reliable yet.

We don’t have enough details but this feature could only be available for those bigger updates that require more memory. Apps or games over 50MB may take longer to download so the feature will make sense. Pausing downloads may be preferred because download over cellular data may incur extra charges.

As with any other developer previews, this new version may bring new bugs and issues. We’re expecting the Pause download feature isn’t perfect yet. It’s only a pre-release version so be wary that it may affect normal function of the phone.

VIA: Android Police