Popular navigation app Waze has just been updated to version 3.5. The emphasis of this update is social integration. It’s all about users being able to find their friends more easily using the app. The update also tweaks the interface a bit to make the app easier to use.

By connecting the new version of Waze to Facebook, you can see friends who are driving to the same place as you, and approximately when they are going to arrive. Once you get there, you can see who’s already there and who is yet to arrive. It also includes a new feature where you can drop a pin on your packing spot so your friends can see exactly where you’ve placed your car.

You can also share your travel plans with a friends through the new live map feature. They can see your route, currently location updated in real-time, and your ETA. They can even see if you run into something that is going to change your ETA. You can also use the app to send and receive pick up requests. You don’t need to give a friend an address, just send the request, and they will see your location and know where to pick you up.

All the maps have been updated, moods have been improved, menus have been tweaked, and more. It’s definitely a nice improvement over the old Waze app. It’s available on Google Play right now.