Vines are slowly creeping (pun intended) onto the social media landscape, and the latest update to the video sharing app allows you to see just how popular the videos really are. As of July 1, the Vine Android mobile app will feature loop counts, a redesigned home feed and a better activity feed for your viewing pleasure.

The updated app now reflects a more simple view of the likes and comments on your Vine videos, which is the lifeline of any social media practitioner, be it a brand or even just for personal reasons. The Activity Feed has also gotten a revamp as it is now easier for you to navigate through all the people you follow as well as your own personal videos uploaded. You’ll be able to see the old activity from the newer ones and once you’ve reached certain milestones on the videos you uploaded.

But what’s most important with this update is that it now shows you loop counts or how many times the Vine video has already been watched by people around the world. The number being updated on the app is in real-time and so you know whether or not the video you’re about to view has struck a cord (funny or otherwise) with the rest of the world.

They have actually started counting the loops since April 3 of this year, but only the views on or after that date will be counted for the video. So if you see a video that has a + sign next to the loop count, it just means that the current count is probably higher than what is reflected on the counter.

Download Vine from the Google Play Store.