Portable keyboards are for tablet or smartphone owning individuals who want to turn their device into a mobile workstation (and don’t want to lug around their netbooks or laptops). Sometimes though, the keyboard becomes another heavy addition to our already full to the brim bag, with all the chargers, extended batteries, wires, etc. So if you need to buy an extended keyboard, you’d want something lighter and more portable yes? That’s where the new version of the Microsoft portable keyboard comes in.

Launched late last year, the portable keyboard works with any tablet, regardless of platform, as it is Bluetooth connected. But the new version which will come out later this year has a major difference from its earlier incarnation. It now has a deep rift in the middle, because it is now more portable because it is foldable. It has a magnetic closure, and an even better matte finish. So it’s easier to slip it in your gadget bag or even in your tote bag, and you have a ready-made mobile office wherever you may be heading.

The portable keyboard, while not having a magic Android or Windows button, does have quick-switch buttons, just in case you’re working on two screens. It will help you quickly switch between the two Bluetooth-paired devices you’re using, whether you’re working on an Android tablet one minute then need to switch to your Windows phone the next.

There are no details yet as to when the keyboard will be available and how much you have to shell out. The earlier version was $80 so maybe it will be around that price or maybe a little more expensive on account of it being foldable and all.

VIA: SlashGear


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