Stop us if you’ve heard this before: a ubiquitous smartphone charger is set to change, and won’t work with legacy devices. Instead, an adapter can be purchased to give that reverse functionality. The updated charger is said to bring charging and data transfer improvements, and will be the standard moving forward.

No, not the lightning cable. Well, yes, but we’re talking about USB cables. The technology is set to receive an update, which brings a reversible design and thinner profile. This all sounds really, really familiar.

Tuesday, the USB Implementers Forum and USB 3.0 Promoters Group noted they were designing a Type-C connector that uses current USB technology, and is similar in size to the current microUSB plug. Rather than the cut-off pyramid shape of the current design, the new look cable will be like two tops slapped together, meaning it won’t matter what orientation you use to plug it in anymore.

The new plug is also said to support scalable charging power and increase performance. By supporting scalable power, it could end up being the last cable we need for quite some time. Though an unpopular switch amongst iOS users, the lightning cable really is an improvement, and we’re looking at the same type of improvements here. Faster charging times, better scalability, and improved data transfer. Android’s version of the lightning cable might be just around the corner.
VIA: Phone Arena