For forgetful people or those who constantly misplace their important stuff like keys and devices, things like Bluetooth trackers are a practical lifesaver. Tile is one of the more popular brands out there and while their products have been pretty reliable, they’re now releasing a new line of trackers that have better range and alerts. The Tile Pro series, made up of the Tile Style and Tile Sport, are also waterproof and can be integrated with smart speakers like Google Home and devices that have Google Assistant.

The two trackers have basically the same insides, but are differentiated by how they look. The Tile Style is obviously more stylish with its white, ridged body and gold ring. The Tile Sport meanwhile has a tire-track look and color and a graphite ring giving it a more, well, sporty look. But both have the same updated hardware and software. You get double the volume from the previous trackers and has increased the distance of the proximity tracker to up to 200 feet. You also have a new proximity meter which is like a hot and cold game but you get more green rings the closer you are to your missing item.

You don’t need to have your smartphone with you to look for the object that you’ve lost, if you have a smart speaker in the room. Just ask Alexa or Google Assistant to look for your keys or your bag and if they’re within the new range of 200 feet, then the tracker will ring (and you have eight new ringtones too!). The voice activated search will also work with smartphones that have Google Assistant support.

Both the Tile Style and the Tile Sport are waterproof so they can be immersed up to an hour in 1.5 meters of water. They’re already available at $35 each but you can get a twin pack for $60.

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