Tasker has been around since 2014 but the app receives regular updates. The latest we reported was the Tasker being ineligible for some permissions after a Play Store update. That was after a previous version allowed automation for most users and gained some smart features. The new Tasker beta version will benefit Samsung devices that have the Bixby button. With the latest update, the Bixby button can be remapped to anything. Not that it can’t be remapped by default but there are limits. For one, you can’t remap it to the Google Assistant.

The new Tasker beta changes all that. You can now remap your Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, or other Galaxy phones to the Google Assistant. Other virtual assistants may also be used instead.

Samsung used to not allow remapping but as you know in the Android community, anything can be hacked or rooted. Samsung allowed the change but still with restriction.

With the help of Tasker, you can remap the Bixby button by exporting a task as an app. You can then choose the voice assistant you want to use. Get the APK and help Samsung remap Bixby.

Other improvements of the Tasker beta version include a new companion app which you can choose within Bixby settings.

VIA: XDA Developers