T-Mobile has been making its self-proclaimed reputation as an un-carrier, bringing “too good to be true” deals to its subscribers for the past few years. And a lot of times, the “catches” in what they offer are something we can live with, in exchange for things other carriers normally won’t bring. The new plan that they unveiled, the T-Mobile One plan is offering customers unlimited text, calls, and 4G LTE data without the data cap. But the caveat may be something that you’ll balk at if you’re into watching video streaming services.

One of the reasons why most people are drawn to the “unlimited data” offers of their service providers is because they want to have all the data in the world (of course not literally) to binge watch through Netflix, Hulu, etc. But the big catch for the T-Mobile One plan is that when it comes to video streaming, they will only give you 480p streams by default, and if you want something higher like in HD, you will have to pay an additional $25 per line on top of the monthly service fee you’re already paying.

The T-Mobile One plan is actually not that bad, at $70 a month for your first line, $50 for your second line, and then $20 for succeeding lines after. But when you get to your 9th line, it goes to $30 per. You also need to enroll your account in autopay or else you have to pay an additional $5 per line. If you have a tablet, you can also add a line for it at $20 per month while wearables are at $5 per month for 2GB unlimited data.

Another caveat is that you only get unlimited 2G hotspot so if you want 4G speeds, you have to pay $15 more per 5GB you use. The previous plan has 14GB of tethering, so basically, you’ll be paying the same if you factor in all the add ins. So you can actually stay in your current plan, but if you don’t do tethering or HD streaming, then you might want to take a look at the T-Mobile One plan.

VIA: SlashGear


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