You may not have an 8K TV yet with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 (in fact, nobody has one as of this time), but if technology will be going that way soon, you should always be prepared for the eventuality of sharing videos from your mobile device or video players to that super TV. The MHL Consortium, composed of Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Samsung, and Silicon Image, has announced at CES 2015 a new standard for transferring and viewing videos on 8k displays, calling it SuperMHL.

Basically, SuperMHL is a cable that enables you to transfer data at high speeds and also power the mobile device connected to it. You plug in one end of the cable to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, set-top box, streaming media stick or Blu-ray player and then connect the other end to a TV or any display that has a resolution of 8K (considered the future of displays). It has a 32-pin connector, unlike the original MHL connector and can run up to 6 lanes of channels at the same time.

The 8K display will bring in 16 times as many pixels as a standard Full HDTV (currently at 1920 x 1080) and ordinary cables will not be able to properly transfer data between two devices at a high speed with those kinds of specifications. That is what SuperMHL will be doing, delivering 8K level video at 120 frames per second (ideally, at least). It can also charge devices faster than the previous MHL cables, giving up to 40 watts of power while charging. It is also reversible and can run in audio-only mode if you wish to do so.

The specs of the SuperMHL will be available for download by the end of January and is expected to be slightly thinner than the HDMI connector. The supported source connectors include micro-USB, USB Type C and proprietary connectors.

SOURCE: MHL Consortium