A new study has come out detailing tablet usage of different models. The study from Chitika Insights analysed a sample of tens of millions of tablet impressions from the Chitika Ad network. It compared all Android tablets in relation to iPad impressions. As expected, the iPad is still dominate in terms of tablet usage, but some Android tablets, including the Nexus 7, are gaining traction at an impressive rate.

The study looked at number of impressions per 100 iPad impressions to see how well different Android tablets are doing. The Nexus 7 has grown 135% since July, and is now putting out .85 impressions per 100 iPad views. This reflects some serious growth over a short period of time.

The king of Android tablets is the Galaxy Tablet 10.1. It accounts for 1.35 impressions per 100 on the iPad. Coming in second is the Barnes & Noble Nook, at an even one impression. The Galaxy Tablet 7 comes in third, with .95 impressions. Combined, the Samsung tablets are clearly the most used Android line by a sizable margin. Surprisingly, the Kindle Fire is pretty low on the list, coming in at number nine with .59 impressions.

Chitika predicts that iPad will stay on top for time being, but they think Android will slowly chip away. Only time will tell if Android will manage to take over the market from the iPad. With the abundance of affordable Android tablets, that seems like a logical progression, but we shall have to see how the launch of Apple’s Mini iPad changes the market.