Not everyone who wants to listen to music on Spotify has a device that is conducive to the full version. The music streaming giant believes your device and data limitation should not stop you from enjoying listening to your favorite music. That’s why they’re introducing the new Spotify Lite, now available in selected markets. This is part of a growing trend of tech companies introducing a lite version of their main app which is obviously more lightweight and optimized for those who are watching out for their data consumption and are experiencing constantly slower connections.

First of all, the Spotify Lite app is just 10MB as compared to the 100MB size of the full Spotify app. This allows those with limited storage on their phones to still have a music streaming app downloaded. And if you’re running out of storage on your phone because of the various apps that take up space, Spotify Lite has a single tap move to clear the app’s cache, freeing up more space for you to do stuff or listen to more music.

If it’s your data consumption that you’re worried about, the lite version of Spotify gives you more control on how much you’ll spend listening to music if you can’t connect to a WiFi. You can set a data limit for the app and then you’ll receive a notification if you’re nearing your limit or when you already reach it. Of course, the best way to conserve data is to connect to WiFi whenever you can and just use data when you’re mobile. But this tool will help, at least when it comes to Spotify.

You’ll still be able to experience the basic Spotify features like searching and listening to your favorite songs and artists, saving playlists, discovering new music, sharing the music you love, etc. Design-wise, it’s pretty much the same, although your Libraries have been replaced with favorites, which is a pretty minor quibble. Spotify also says that even if your connection is pretty slow (the video shows 2G connection), you’ll still be able to listen.

Spotify Lite is now available in 36 markets across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa including Brazil, Canada, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, etc. You can have both the lite and full versions on your phone if you like and choose which one suits your needs at the moment.