Samsung Tab S7+ Lite XL Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has yet to be announced. Much has been said about the upcoming Android tablet but we’re still not sure about its final and official name. It may be also called as the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite or Galaxy Tab S7 XL. A number of image renders have already surfaced on the web including some videos. The phone was listed with a Snapdragon 750G chipset so it’s safe to assume it will offer 5G connectivity.

Roland Quandt (@rquandt) has shared some new images of the Samsung Tab S7+/Lite/XL. The device doesn’t look any different from the other Galaxy Tab S7 series models. It works with a detachable keyboard so you can work more properly. The tablet will still come with S-Pen support as seen in one of the photos.

The tablet is also said to rival the Apple iPad Mini 2021. It could a budget-friendly tablet but with almost premium specs. The 5G support is what will matter to most people who may be looking for a new tablet.

Samsung Tab S7+ Lite XL Colors

The Samsung Tab S7+/Lite/XL is also rendered in other colors. We see a silver version plus a rose gold model as well. Others are saying it looks like an iPad but really, it looks like the previous Galaxy Tab models especially with the significant bezels.