We’re all probably eagerly anticipating the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Note 10 and one of the things we can expect is a rumored new color called Aura. We’ve seen renders of what the gradient color would look like and now we may have further confirmation that the color will happen. That’s because some Samsung regional websites have already begun displaying a new pair of Galaxy Buds that have the “Aura Glow” color to match the upcoming new phablet’s new color.

According to WinFuture, the Aura Glow color is a “strongly iridescent white-silver” color with a greenish or purple glow, depending on what kind of light hits it. The new Galaxy Buds will be matching the Galaxy Note 10 variant. It looks like the color is the only new thing about the earbuds though so if you’re happy with the performance of the previous model, the only reason why you will get a new one is if you like the new color.

The new Galaxy Buds seem to be visible in some of the Samsung regional websites so they may have opted for a quiet launch rather than taking away from the announcement of the Galaxy Note and the other rumored variants of the phablet which includes a Galaxy Note 10+ and 5G models of both the Note 10 and the Note 10+. You won’t be able to buy the earbuds yet on the sites but they’re still displayed there.

For those not crazy about the truly wireless earphones, Samsung may also be launching new USB-C wired earphones under the AKG branding. It will have Active Noise Cancelling and is actually the first USB-C earphones that they will release. And it makes sense to have them since the Galaxy Note 10 will reportedly not have the regular headphone jack anymore and will just have a USB-C port for headphones and for charging.

The new Galaxy Buds will still have the charging case with it. Since it’s the same as the previous one, it will also have the same price which is €149.90. We’ll find out in a few weeks or so if these are all confirmed details although having it on the Samsung regional sites may be confirmation in itself.