While we have to accept the fact that we really can’t get away from the word selfie, at least, we are now witnessing the evolution of what it is. Nowadays, they don’t mean just women making duck faces or men taking pictures of themselves after a gym workout. Thanks to an Ellen-led Oscars stunt a few years ago, people are now trying to cram as many faces as possible into one tiny screen. Samsung says it has the solution to this kind of problem with its Galaxy S6 edge.

In their latest TV ad, Samsung shows the absurdity of trying to fit everyone in, saying we’re “human sardines packing into tiny frames”, whether it’s at a concert, a birthday party, or just a regular dinner. It is obviously making fun of this phenomenon (or rather, the poorly taken ones), even calling those who are wielding monopods or selfie sticks as they’re now called, “like cave people”. Maybe Samsung resents their shiny, new devices being placed on the end of these selfie sticks or maybe they just agree with a huge number of people that this stick is annoying (and calling it a selfie stick is also annoying).


But really, the main point of the ad is not to say that these “human sardine” pictures are all that bad, but rather the way that we take them is what makes them unfunny or irritating. But if you have the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, then it shouldn’t be a problem, since it has a wide-angle camera, especially the front-facing one, that should make taking group selfies easier.


Now this ad will not set out to win any major awards, but it is less annoying than the recent ones that Samsung has released. Or maybe we like it a little more because it does justify our hatred for the monopods by calling them caveman sticks.