In another report this week, we get good news. According to data from August, The Nielsen Company has determined that Android is the most popular mobile operating system among people who purchased a smartphone in the last 6 months. While this isn’t shocking, Android sure covers a lot of devices, it is even more proof of what we saw happening as Android makes it’s way to the number one mobile operating system.

Apple and RIM’s Blackberry OS are now in a statistical dead heat for second. It’s worth a note that the iPhone 4 was available for one month in this timeframe, it was launched in June.

Overall Blackberry still holds the top position with 31-percent of the market, Apple gaining ground at 28-percent, and Android at 19-percent. However, if you look at the graph below, which is operating system share, clearly Android is the one seeing the most growth among all mobile operating systems.

[Via Nielsen]