Sports media giants ESPN is trying to get with the mobile revolution, and they’ve had an app for quite a while now. The big news really is that they are launching the ESPN+ premium video streaming service, something that the sports channel is admittedly good at. Along with this, ESPN also says that a “major app update” is rolling out. The streaming service might be something new, but we doubt that the update is indeed a major one.

The ESPN+ premium service is for the consummate sports fan who can’t live without video highlights to his favorite sports. You have to pay USD$5.00 per month (or the cheaper USD$50.00 annually) to access both pre-recorded and live content. Live sports includes games from MLB (one live game per day), NHL (one live game per day), MLS (the entire out-of-market schedule), PGA Tour Golf (50 days of coverage from 20 events), and a whole bunch of collegiate sports.

If you are the type who needs all of this, the premium service might be a good deal, and the ESPN app is updated to have ESPN+ support. Apart from that, a new “home” screen doesn’t really qualify as a major update, but that’s just us.

You can check the Google Play Store for the ESPN app, which should be version 6.0.1. If you already have the ESPN app , just log on to the Play Store to update your app.



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