Here’s another puzzle that will probably confuse you: Prismatica. Don’t be fooled by the name and the graphics but really, this one will make your head spin in the same way Sudoko and the Rubik’s Cube do. The main objective of the game is to unscramble puzzle boards to match a pattern. Sounds easy? Looks like it but it  can be challenging to master especially as you go farther into the levels.

Gameplay is simple but puzzles are challenging. Prismatica features an impressive aesthetic design that doesn’t overwhelm or make you dizzy. In fact, it appears to be calm, thanks to the beautiful music that was created by Svavar Knutur, an award-winning indie folk musician. The music gives a sense of peace, calmness, and a bit of chill.

Prismatica is a brand new and innovative puzzle type according to its developer Loomus Games. It can  be easy to learn but you need to learn how to calmly tackle each puzzle–each one hand-crafted to test a player’s speed and wit. Even if you don’t like the game or are slowly getting tired of such puzzle games, this one brings a different kind and “old-school rotational chromatic combination mechanism” that simple gamers like you will love in yeah, a geeky kind of way.

Game features a very clean essentialistic style and and design aesthetics that we don’t normally see in mobile games nowadays. You see, if not HD, games in retro pixel art or voxel style are filling Google Play Store a lot lately but this Prismatica is just right. The rotating and multi-colored beehive pattern makes the game a unique challenge for you to tackle.

Download Prismatica from the Google Play Store. Available for $2.99.


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