The craziness over Pokemon GO may have already died down for the most part, but Niantic seems to be gearing up for a Gen 2 release sometime soon. The latest patch they released for the game may seem like not much to the naked eye, but some who are into directing and analyzing the APK have said that all signs are pointing to a major update soon, and that may very well be what they need to jumpstart the Pokemon GO craze again.

The patch data showed that there are 38 new moves that have been added behind the scenes and a majority of these are learned by Gen 2 Pokemon, although said Pokemon are mostly still not available. There are even Gen 2-specific items that are appearing in the code. They are probably being put in there ahead of time, for some reason that we don’t know, but at least it will get you excited, if you’re a Pokemon fan.There are also new moves like Iron Tail, Hex, and Slash plus charge up moves like Crunch, Zap Cannon and Mirror Coat, but again, they’re not yet live technically.

The only other thing of minor significance for the patch is that “Changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift.” The drift refers to the jumping around that your character makes even when you’re supposedly standing still and so all that minor extra distance that you cover when “drifting” may be lessened to be fair for all those who are actually walking to hatch eggs.

Let’s wait and see what will happen with the patch and whether or not a Gen 2 Pokemon Go will be happening really soon. And more importantly, whether people will go back to obsessively playing the augmented reality game again.

VIA: SlashGear (1), (2)