Google Pixel 6 Pixel Stand

The Google Pixel 6 series appears to be very different from the Pixel phones released before. We are only looking at the latest rendered images that tell us the camera module design looks more like a bridge. We can look forward to a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro instead of a Pixel 6 XL. Market launch could be around October or earlier just like last year. This time, it may have a faster charging technology and maybe a new Pixel Stand.

If you may remember, the Pixel Stand was first introduced back in 2018 together with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. It served as a docking charging station that is also a 10W wireless charger. It also offered a more comfortable angle for viewing.

The Pixel Stand is more than just a charger and a stand. It’s about time Google upgrades the accessory and we think that is what’s happening. A Made by Google wireless charger is in the works according to a source. There is no mention how it will be different or better from the original version.

We just know the new Pixel Stand could also include a fan for both the charger and the smartphone. Wireless charging should be faster than 10W since that was the limit of the older Pixel Stand.

As for the design of the second-generation Pixel Stand, we have no idea. The oval idea is already okay but Google can make the aesthetic more pleasing. There may be fan profiles that may be used to slow down or speed up the fans. They could be used for when you are using different apps that may need a quieter environment like maybe for calls or video recording or maybe even sleeping.

Manually switching the charger’s setting may be done from “Auto” to “Quiet” to “Power Boost. The Google wireless charger is also known this early as “Luxuryliner”. This means the new Pixel Stand could also be a more premium version.