For those who own Google Pixel devices, the regular feature drop is something to look forward to as they are able to get exclusive features that other Android OEMs are not able to get. The latest one brings you web access to your Recorder uploads for easier sharing. You also get a new way to use your phone and camera when underwater with the support of a new housing. Plus you get new wallpapers to celebrate global cultural moments and more apps that can use Smart Compose. And if you have a Pixel Stand, your device can help you get more sleep.

Yesterday we talked about the new web version of the Recorder app and now we get a few more details from Google directly as this is part of the new Pixel feature drop. You can go to to hear the recordings, see the transcripts that the Recorder is able to do in real-time, and even search through the files. You still will not be able to record anything on the web app of course but it lets you share audio files so even those without Pixel devices can listen to it.

The feature drop also brings new wallpapers that will celebrate cultural moments from around the world. First on the list are wallpapers designed by Spanish duo Cachetjack to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. For those who are planning to do some underwater activities soon, you can use your Pixel device’s camera with Kraken Sports’ Universal Smart Phone Housing so you can have access to your phone’s features like Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion photos, and videos.

Smart Compose has been pretty useful in helping us complete messages and emails without having to type out everything. It will be available on selected messaging apps for Pixel devices although they didn’t name specifically which apps will get the suggested common phrases with Smart Compose. If you have a Pixel Stand, the bedtime features in your Clock will show you a bedtime screen and redesigned notifications to help you not be distracted and have a more restful sleep.

One other upcoming Pixel feature to look forward to is that you will be able to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate using your smartphone’s camera through Google Fit. It will start rolling out to Pixel users next week but the other features mentioned here are already rolling out as part of the main feature drop.