It seems like some people can’t stop talking about, or rather leaking information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The rumored high-end smartphone is being positioned as the outright rival of another soon-to-be-released phone, Apple’s iPhone 6. New photos as well as User Agent profiles on Samsung’s website have been leaked, giving credence to those rumors and getting people even more excited about the newest member of the Samsung family.

In the Samsung site, there are five versions of the Galaxy Alpha, with the base model being Samsung SM-G850, with each profile having a letter that tells us what region and/or carrier it belongs to. For example, G850F is for Europe, G850A is for AT&T, G850T is T-Mobile and G850M is Vodafone. The G850H is still a bit sketchy but it may very well be a 3G-only phone, following the logic that the G900H, which turned out to be the Exynos 5 Octa version of the Galaxy S5, is also a 3G-only device.

Meanwhile, leaked photos show a black unit of the Galaxy Alpha, in contrast to the earlier leaked images of a white version of the smartphone. Looks like it will indeed be a metallic or aluminium device and if you put it next to an iPhone, it looks like it is ready to compete with its main rival, at least on the physical side of things. The rumour mill has previously stated that it will be running on Exynos Octa Core 5433, 2GB RAM, 1850mAh and will probably have a 4.7” 720p display and a 12MP rear camera. The specs are pretty much similar as well to the iPhone’s usual features.

Now whether or not Samsung will also be coming out with a 6.7” version of the Galaxy Alpha, to match again the rumoured 5.5” version of the iPhone, is still cause for speculation. All will be revealed soon, if it’s true that the unveiling of the Galaxy Alpha will be this coming August 13.

VIA: Culeaks, GSM Arena